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Apr 29

Essential Guy Gear: The Watch

Posted in Fashion by Dan To

Other than a wedding ring, a watch should be the one other piece of jewelry a man should wear on a regular basis. When checking for the time it is…

Apr 21

Essential Guy Skill: Ironing a Dress Shirt

Posted in Fashion by Dan To

No one likes a wrinkly shirt, I repeat no one likes a wrinkly shirt. Therefore watch, learn, and be amazed.

Mar 16

Essential Guy Gear: The Dress Boot

Posted in Fashion by Dan To

Shoes are an essential part of an outfit, it’s the first piece of apparel a girl looks at and basically defines your fashion sense. So how do you balance being…

Feb 19

Essential Guy Gear: The Tie

Posted in Fashion by Brian Ta

The best accessory for a man when dressing formally, or even just to go out is just a simple tie. Ties might seem like just a small article of clothing…

Apr 11

When Baggy/Tight Clothes Are Okay and When They’re Not…

Posted in Fashion by Kathy

Ever feel like you’re having a bad day and the way you dress ends up looking like how you feel? Yeah, I think we’ve all been through that. I’m talking…

Mar 26

Liquid vs. Powder Foundation

Posted in Fashion by Kathy

Even for the most experienced make-up artists, when it comes to choosing foundations, finding the one that is close to “perfect” is like trying to find the back piece of…

Jan 25

How To Wear Simple Pieces: The Classic White Button Up

Posted in Fashion by Jessica

So, you look into your closet full of clothes and think, “I have absolutely nothing new to wear.” You may find yourself window shopping more often than being able to…

Jan 18

Make Up 101 – For beginners!

Posted in Fashion by Jen

As a person who has a strong interest in beauty, when you first learn to apply make-up, it can be all kinds of crazy. I can guarantee you that it’s…

Jan 12

Need a New Look? One word: Bangs

Posted in Fashion by Kathy

Who here wants to go back looking brand spanking new after this holiday break? Or how many of you look in the mirror every day and say you want a…

Dec 29

Warby Parker

Posted in Fashion by Steven

Looking for a quality glasses with a fraction of the price of high end-brand, such as Gucci or AX? Well, search no further; presenting Warby Parker, a brand of glasses…