Apr 11

When Baggy/Tight Clothes Are Okay and When They’re Not…

Posted in Fashion by Kathy

Ever feel like you’re having a bad day and the way you dress ends up looking like how you feel? Yeah, I think we’ve all been through that. I’m talking…

Mar 26

Liquid vs. Powder Foundation

Posted in Fashion by Kathy

Even for the most experienced make-up artists, when it comes to choosing foundations, finding the one that is close to “perfect” is like trying to find the back piece of…

Jan 12

Need a New Look? One word: Bangs

Posted in Fashion by Kathy

Who here wants to go back looking brand spanking new after this holiday break? Or how many of you look in the mirror every day and say you want a…

Dec 30

Gifts for guys? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Posted in Lifestyle by Kathy

It’s that time of year again to whip out the “Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!” Along with the wonderful joys of the end of finals and Christmas…