How To Wear Simple Pieces: The Classic White Button Up

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So, you look into your closet full of clothes and think, “I have absolutely nothing new to wear.” You may find yourself window shopping more often than being able to buy anything new for your wardrobe (being a college student on a budget I know exactly how that feels…). Nevertheless, there is always something you can do with what you already have; Such as creating several ways you could wear a simple piece in your closet. So here’s a video of five outfits I put together wearing the same classic white button up I purchased from H&M. One simple shirt for $12.90, five different outfits – it’s an awesome deal, right? (I bought 3 different colors!) It’s barely a 3 minute video. I would love to keep my videos quick & straight to the point for your enjoyment and our generations short attention span. (:

In case you missed the subtitles in the video, here’s detailed information about the outfits:

P.S. – You might not want to wear the shirt consecutively.

Outfit #1 – Casual Day in Class

  • White Button Up from H&M – $12.90
  • Dark Skinny Jeans from Forever 21 – $10.00 (Yellow Tag Deal!)
  • Watch from Aldo (comes with 5 interchangeable straps) – $35.00
  • Audrey Brooke flats (these are Tori Burch “look for less” flats) – from DSW $60. (They were on sale, they’re usually $100!)
  • My glasses are prescribed and they’re from the eye doctor’s.

Outfit #2: Out to Lunch with Friends!

  • The same White Button Up (tied a cute little knot!)
  • Navy Tank from Abercrombie & Fitch – $14.90
  • Leggings from Forever 21 – $7.90
  • Feather necklace from Forever 21 – $6.90
  • Brown Short heeled boots from Forever 21 – $39.90
  • Brown Swing-pack from H&M – $15.00

Outfit #3: Business Casual for Work

  • Black Blazer from H&M – $29.90
  • White Button Up (roll the sleeves within the blazer cuffs)
  • High-waist gray pant from Forever 21 – $24.90
  • Brown belt from Forever 21 – $6.90
  • Rose bag from ALDO – $30
  • Crème Oxfords from Forever 21 – $24.90

Outfit #4: Dinner Date in the City!

  • White Button Up (tucked in & rolled sleeves)
  • High-waisted trousers & belt from Forever 21 – $15.90
  • Knee- high sheer black stockings from Target – $2.90
  • Brown booties from Forever 21 – $24.90
  • Green snakeskin swing pack from Aldo – $23.90

Outfit #5: A Night Out with the Girls!

  • White button up
  • Black bandeau from Victoria’s Secret (set of 3) – $10.00
  • Tribal print skirt from H&M – $16.90
  • Heels from a random boutique in Philadelphia – $30

Investments in a few accessories are highly recommended! You can make any outfit look super cute and fashionable just by adding a necklace or a bag and of course you can’t forget the shoes (:

Thanks for reading/tuning in! Enjoy! xoxo

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