Jul 06

Dream Car: Jaguar C-X75

Posted in Auto, Featured by Dan To

For over two years Jaguar has worked to develop one of the most innovative and technologically advanced prototypes ever created. The C-X75 pushes every boundary of power, performance and even…

Jun 26
Jun 21

The LEGO® Movie – Official Teaser Trailer ft. Your Favorite Superheroes

Posted in Entertainment by Dan To

The original 3D computer animated story follows Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the…

May 07

First Else’s Splay officially comes to Android as a launcher

Posted in Tech by Dan To

Emblaze’s long-canceled First Else may never come back in its original form, but to our surprise, its futuristic Splay interface has finally been ported to Android! Released as a free…

Apr 29

Essential Guy Gear: The Watch

Posted in Fashion by Dan To

Other than a wedding ring, a watch should be the one other piece of jewelry a man should wear on a regular basis. When checking for the time it is…

Apr 21

Essential Guy Skill: Ironing a Dress Shirt

Posted in Fashion by Dan To

No one likes a wrinkly shirt, I repeat no one likes a wrinkly shirt. Therefore watch, learn, and be amazed.

Apr 18


Posted in Entertainment by Steven

If you like exploring, building stuff, 2D retro graphics, and finding nice loot this is a game for you. This game is similar to the game Terraria, but with an…

Apr 18

Battlefield 4

Posted in Entertainment by Steven

Looking for the next big FPS?! Battlefield 4. This amazing title is launching in Fall 2013. I suggest buying a copy on PC. We all know how Battlefield 3 turned out on…

Apr 02

Review: Monoprice Drawing Tablet 12” x 9”

Posted in Tech by Dan To

There’s a different company besides Wacom that makes drawing tablets? What?!?! The quest for a graphics tablet began as I was looking for something to replace my aging Wacom Graphire4,…

Mar 26


Posted in Entertainment by Steven

Random things I like and want to share with you from Tapiture.com. For more awesomeness take a look at their website. Enjoy.