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Moo Moo Ma-Moo Ma-Moo: Spread the Shiagi virus ! :)

Jun 26
Apr 18


Posted in Entertainment by Steven

If you like exploring, building stuff, 2D retro graphics, and finding nice loot this is a game for you. This game is similar to the game Terraria, but with an…

Apr 18

Battlefield 4

Posted in Entertainment by Steven

Looking for the next big FPS?! Battlefield 4. This amazing title is launching in Fall 2013. I suggest buying a copy on PC. We all know how Battlefield 3 turned out on…

Mar 26


Posted in Entertainment by Steven

Random things I like and want to share with you from For more awesomeness take a look at their website. Enjoy.

Mar 22

The Last of Us

Posted in Entertainment by Steven

An apocalypse has occurred on Earth and to make matters worse a modern plague have inflected and reanimated the corpses of the dead – like zombies. The military has the…

Mar 18

Bioshock Infinite

Posted in Entertainment by Steven

Set in 1912, players will assume the role of former Pinkerton detective Booker DeWitt, forced on a  mission to find and rescue a imprisoned young woman named Elizabeth. at the…

Feb 22

Education Online: EdX

Posted in Lifestyle by Steven

Receiving your education online? Many feel a sense of distrust to such a thought. As time change, education will soon reshape itself; edX is one of the many changes gradually…

Sep 27

Google Ocean View!

Posted in Tech by Steven

Waiting for Google Space!

Aug 12


Posted in Tech by Steven

This game is the most recent series of Counter-Strike titles which have been enjoyed by many FPS fans. CS: GO developers have changed and improved many different aspects from CS…

Aug 01

Orcs Must Die!

Posted in Tech by Steven

If you are a player that loves the defense genres, Orcs Must Die is a fun, cheap, and time-killing-game. The game is some-what short, but with the set price who…