Mar 29

HP dm4 – 2191us review

Posted in Tech by Jen

So for a while, I’ve been meaning to buy a new laptop and I finally found one! I searched everywhere, but nothing really fit my expectations, if they did they…

Feb 29

18 Foods That Pack a Secret Sugar High

Posted in Lifestyle by Jen

So it’s been pretty hectic lately. Quizzes, midterms, homework, lab reports, making money, etc., I feel drained almost everyday but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Amidst all…

Jan 18

Make Up 101 – For beginners!

Posted in Fashion by Jen

As a person who has a strong interest in beauty, when you first learn to apply make-up, it can be all kinds of crazy. I can guarantee you that it’s…

Jan 04

Post-Holiday Shopping Spree, Anyone?

Posted in Lifestyle by Jen

Holidays are over and what’s on our minds? Work, school, our daily obligations, and so the mini vacation is coming to an end… what to do now? Make the most…

Dec 31

Best Holiday Sweets and Treats

Posted in Lifestyle by Jen

We all have our guilty pleasures, especially around this time of year it’s the perfect season to splurge – from Thanksgiving to Christmas everyone has that one dessert their sweet…