Liquid vs. Powder Foundation

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Even for the most experienced make-up artists, when it comes to choosing foundations, finding the one that is close to “perfect” is like trying to find the back piece of an earring after it’s fallen on the ground. Nearly impossible, right? But here are some tips to help you get started on this quest.

When choosing foundation you have to look into several things: skin type (normal, dry, oily, or sensitive), skin conditions, skin tone, etc. Most of the time the foundation will list what skin type it is suitable for right on the bottle. Identifying you’re own skin conditions will allow you to easily find if your skin is compatible with the foundation. Then it comes to what type of foundation and which brand? We’ll leave the brand for a later time, right now let’s talk about the types of foundation.

There are two main types of foundation, liquid or powder. Liquid foundation works for almost any skin type. It has good coverage and it is very easy to blend. The downside to liquid foundation is that it can be too thick and show up as lumps or looked very caked on.

For dry skin, it’s best to find a liquid foundation that moisturizes and won’t clog pores.
For oily skin, find liquid foundations that are oil-free. You can also reduce the shine by finishing off your look with a translucent powder over your foundation for a more matte look.
For sensitive skin, oil-free, fragrance-free, and tested foundations are best. Drug store foundations are probably not the best for sensitive skin types, so maybe going to a store like Sephora and asking about brands can help out.

Powder foundation is more for the natural matte look and works best for normal to oily skin. The downside to powder foundation is that it is easily removed since it sits on top of your skin. It can be rubbed off by accident, something we girls should try to avoid. (Pretty sure you wouldn’t want your make-up ruining your or your significant other’s clothes).

For normal skin, it achieves the natural look due to the fact that you only put on a sheer coat.
For oily skin, it helps absorb your facial oils and give you a matte look.
For those with dry skin, definitely avoid powder foundation unless you have a good primer. If not, it’ll end up looking cakey and flakey.

Foundation is a great cover up and depending on your skin type either liquid or powder can help. And last but not least, all of us must remember to remove all make up at the end of the day. This is a MUST that everyone should do in order to avoid break outs and scarring.

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