Essential Guy Gear: The Dress Boot

Posted in Fashion by Dan To

Shoes are an essential part of an outfit, it’s the first piece of apparel a girl looks at and basically defines your fashion sense. So how do you balance being classy with your daily life? I give you the dress boot.


Versatile and classy, every man should own at least one pair of dress boots. Depending on the material you can treat as either as a classy dress shoe that will add a little kick to your suit/business attire or a casual semi-formal go to shoe with a pair of nice fitted jeans for those nights out on the town.


  • pay attention to the seam in between the sole and the rest of the shoe, it’s a sign of the quality of the shoe.
  • stick with either black, grey, or dark brown color boots, if you’re going to be wearing this on a daily basis, light colors and dirt don’t mix well.
  • mid to high top shoes offer more support and generally look better for this type of shoe.
  • go for a narrow top cap unless you want your feet to look big.

Sample Outfits:



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