When Baggy/Tight Clothes Are Okay and When They’re Not…

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Ever feel like you’re having a bad day and the way you dress ends up looking like how you feel? Yeah, I think we’ve all been through that. I’m talking about the baggy sweat pants and the oversized tees just to make you feel a little more comfortable than what you’re feeling overall. Or you maybe your favorite pair of jeans just don’t fit right anymore, but yet you still try to stuff yourself into them thinking it’s alright as long as you suck in your gut. Yeah, been there, done that. So what’s the solution? These are some do’s and don’t’s that I personally feel we should consider.


Baggy EVERYTHING: Don’t let the photo above fool you into believing that baggy clothes are in cause it’s not. It looks unprofessional and doesn’t help in highlighting your body, if anything, it makes you look short and fat. I don’t know about you, but I just imagine gangster wannabe’s when I see people dressed that way. So out with the baggy jeans and in with the fitted jeans or skinnies! With sweats, I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear it in public. There is a time and place for everything. E.g. – Wearing it at home, as gym attire, on campus, is okay, but going out to eateries and to the mall is a no.

Tight EVERYTHING: This look is a bit iffy. It all depends on your body structure and how fit you are. I personally think it’s better if you have a toned body and can flaunt it off. If not, you can still wear this look, but try to go for fitted clothes that compliment your unique body structure/type and that also allows your blood to circulate. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see jelly rolls/muffin tops and I believe no one wants to see it on you or others either.


Loose top, tight bottom: If you’re feeling a bit bloated or just don’t want any constrains on your upper body, there is a way you can pull it off. One side can end up complimenting the other and you can still look amazingly cute or presentable! Try wearing a loose button up/sweater/jacket with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Throw in a cute pair of shoes and your look is complete. It’s really not as hard as you’d think. For some suggestions on this type of look, check out Jessica’s video (ShiagiTV). It’s a perfect example.

Tight top, loose bottom: Maybe you’re sick of wearing skin tight jeans and just want a break, so you throw on your favorite pair of sweatpants. One wrong move that most people do is pairing it up with an extremely loose shirt. You can, however, make it look good by complimenting it with a fitted shirt/tank. For girls, this shows off your figure by accentuating your curves due to the help of the sweat pants. It makes your hips look a bit bigger while making your waist look smaller. For guys, you don’t look sloppy and homeless. It’s a win/win.

Hope this little piece helps everyone with their day to day outfit choices. Have fun!

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