Need a New Look? One word: Bangs

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Who here wants to go back looking brand spanking new after this holiday break? Or how many of you look in the mirror every day and say you want a change but it never happens? Just know that changing little things about your appearance can make a major impact on how you look overall. You could apply little or more makeup or change the style of your clothes, but you could always go back to plain ole Jane at the end of the day.
Want a drastic change? Change your hairstyle! You’d be surprised at how changing your hairstyle can change your entire look. If you have straight hair or curly hair, perm it curly or straight respectively. If you think your hair color is dull and boring, spruce it up by dyeing it. If you have long hair, cut it short and if you have short hair, cut it … long? I’m just kidding. You could always go with extensions, but isn’t that troublesome?
Refuse (or afraid…) to cut your hair any shorter? One word: BANGS. Some may say, “I’ve tried having bangs, but they made me look weird.” I believe that it’s only true because different bangs are suited for different face shapes. Maybe those bangs weren’t the right look for you. There are so many types of bangs that you can choose from. There’s side swept, straight, choppy, long, short, etc.

Look for examples that match your face shape and try it out. Magazines are a great source of inspiration, but just remember not every style fits you and your face shape. (So don’t think that if you take a magazine clipping to your hairstylist, you’ll walk out looking like Anne Hathaway or Emma Roberts after your haircut). I recently cut my long bangs into straight bangs and it was an extreme change! Go crazy and experiment because even if you don’t like it, know that it will always grow back. You can even experiment with different styles over time while you wait for your hair to grow out. Who would have known cutting the very front of your hair would change your appearance so dramatically?

Here is some more ideas if you’re interested: [Cosmo]

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