Top 8: Midterm Study Tips

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I don’t always study, but when I do, I usually follow these tips:

1. Alternate Study Spaces

It’s a known fact that you can not generally study in an area you frequently occupy. This is because this area usually has every single distraction possible: friends, TV, computer, video games, your phone, and the list goes on.

Go to a cafe or library, the smell of coffee or the eerie silence of libraries will keep you focused.

2. Study in Groups

Group Study
Never underestimate the power of your peers, more often than not if you don’t understand a topic or concept your peer will be more knowledgeable about it (and vice-versa). Dividing your schoolwork is an effective way to lessen your workload.

3. No Electronics

More often than not electronics will serve more as a distraction then a tool when it comes to studying. What starts out as a google search will end up being an hour on reddit. (I love you reddit)

4. Use a Pen

They don’t smudge and are permanent, they also put you in the mindset to not make a mistake and get the problem right the first time. Also they just feel better to write with.

5. Sleep

Sleepy Man
All nighters can be more detrimental to your brain then you think. A tired mind is a slow mind.

6. Concepts First

Understanding the concept of a topic is more important than going in depth, because once you understand why a process is happening the rest of the problem becomes plug and play. Why a picture of a car, well it’s a concept car, they have the general form and understanding of the car before going into the fine details.

7. Take Breaks

Cup of Tea
Go enjoy a break every once in a while or after each milestone, your brain has a limited attention span and once you go over that point the amount of information you retain will decrease. Tea helps greatly.

8. No Excuses

No procrastination, no excuses, no whining. Your grades are your responsibility, not your teachers or anyone else’s.

It should be midterm week for many college students so good luck.

Credentials: I’m an engineer graduating on time.

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