Valentine’s Day for the Hopeless Boyfriend

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Hey guys, Valentine’s Day is coming soon and many of us are faced with last minute gifts, this is a day when your significant other is to be pampered and loved so here are a few last minute ideas:

The Simple:

Spend time with your significant other, as college students as well as full time working adults we are often too busy with life that we neglect our significant other. Take some time out of your day, whether it be 15 minutes or the entire day, whatever you can spare, and appreciate your significant other.

Write her a love letter, make it simple, short, and most importantly it has to make her smile. Personally I don’t really believe in mushy puppy love stuff that highschool kids do so my letter would look more like this:

“Dear Schoochums,
Hi, I love you, now smile :]
P.S. Dinner tonight, I’ll pick you up”

Of course my girlfriend would kill me for calling her Schoochums, which is why I do it every other day, but I enjoy teasing her.

Cook her dinner, now obviously this is only for people that actually know how to cook, that means no: instant noodles, mac and cheese, toast, boiled eggs, premade meals, etc. Cook smart, only cook something you know how to make well, no one likes burnt food. For the noobs, I suggest a dish that is very hard to mess up like a pasta dish or clams, clams is always good, I want clams.

Here is a dish I usually cook:

marinade: ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, honey
directions: clean and debone the fish of your choice, my favorite to go with this is salmon, marinate the fish in a plastic Ziploc bag with the marinade for at least 30 minutes, grill the fish!
And as usual I have no idea what I’m cooking but it usually tastes good.

Roses & Chocolate are good also.

The Bold:

Man, I’m not even going to go here, you’re going to have to one up yourself every year.

The Kinky:

Lingerie, BOOM done =]

A woman wearing lingerie is sexier than a naked one, there I said it now don’t shoot me. Lingerie is often designed to amplify a woman’s curves and sexiness while covering just enough for your imagination to go rampant before you pounce on her. Now men would you rather have your girlfriend or wife come to you seductively wearing a baby doll, stockings, and heels, or naked.


The Extravagant:

Jewelry is often the go to gift for guys, but how pretty the piece of jewelry and how much your significant other likes it is directly correlated with money. Let’s face it guys, we all know the pretty stuff cost an arm and a leg and the cheap stuff (plastic) is either ugly or just plain crap.

pictured: something that cost half as much as my car

If you’re going to get a girl jewelry, do it right or don’t do it at all, that means no plastic, no silver coated aluminum, or chrome coated random plastic, go with a precious alloy such as stirling silver or gold (white or regular). Gemstones are quite confusing so I would suggest staying away from them unless you really know what you’re doing, the only gem stone I would probably get my girlfriend is for her engagement ring.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (though they are quite flammable lol…)


Oh forget it, boobies!

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