V2Lab Mystery Meat Coverage

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Well guys, last weekend I decided to travel to Orlando (about a 4 hours drive) and cover the V2Lab Mystery Meat. I had huge expectations looking at the videos and images from last year, but in my opinion it wasn’t that great. It wasn’t great not because of V2 itself, but because people got greedy (you guy can see V2 explanation here (V2Lab). Giving this the meet was disorganize and issues started coming in.

One of the main issues that there was NO parking. People had to park at the streets and towing trunks started coming in. Don’t believe me? Here you go:

After that that parking lot was cleared within 2 minutes, including myself, as you can see me closing my hood and ready to head out lol.

Likewise besides the towing problem, police started moving cars and giving tickets for illegal parking.

Finally after 45 minutes of traveling around, we finally found parking (we had to pay though) and our cars (mine and my friend’s) were not exposed at all. Here is out parking spot…

On the other hand, not everything was chaos. The ambient was calm and good. Likewise lots of beautiful cars show up and besides that no more problems. Here are some pictures.

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