Staying Motivated During Your College Semester

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Long nights of endless Power Point Slides, flashcards, and reading overpriced textbooks. Coffee suddenly becomes your best friend. Procrastination is the enemy. Does all of this sound familiar? If so, keep reading! If there were a list of words that could describe “college” then stress would definitely be on top. Here are some tips that could raise your optimism levels during times of sickening stress.

First off. Look at your cup of coffee. Do you see it as a glass half empty? Look at it in a “half full” perspective. Stay optimistic. Although schoolwork may seem tough, think about the opportunity you have amongst yourself and all of your peers. That chapter you have to read? Some people around the world aren’t fortunate enough to even learn to read or even have a book at hand. Quit complaining! Stay optimistic and be thankful for what you have. There’s nothing more fulfilling than the gift of education. And think, after all these darn exams and papers you once complained about could possibly turn into extravagant vacations and other lovely things, as long as you set your mind into working hard to attain the things you want in life. Think about “instagramming” your favorite food from foreign places on your smart phone as you relax on a beautiful beach. Think about exceeding even your own expectations.

Procrastination is the biggest bitch that you will encounter. Cut her out of your life. Time management is definitely key in keeping up your life in college. Buy a planner. Use post-it notes. Make a check list. Do the things on your checklist. There’s nothing more fulfilling than completing one! Just be organized, it’s definitely worth it in the end. Those wasted hours on social networks could’ve been a complete paper and being mentally prepared for an exam. Use your time wisely and finish your works in bits and pieces. But let’s be real here, everyone procrastinates. I know, I know “I work better under pressure” and “the best blaze burns brightest when circumstances are at their worst.” But wouldn’t it be nice to actually finish something ahead of time and not having to worry about it during the last few minutes before class? In all honesty though, curse those who do things last minute and end up getting an A anyways.

IT’S OKAY TO STRESS. I mean, without stress in our lives, it would be so dull and mundane. It’s good to have something to worry about sometimes and to think about. But sometimes after so much, you just have to let loose. Okay in no way am I trying to say that one should do this ALL OF THE TIME. But for once, after stressing so much, just do something out of the ordinary and totally absurd. Skip class and have a day to yourself. Do what you love to do. Escape reality for just a day. That’s it. Do something crazy and get it out of your system. This isn’t an excuse for every thing though.. Just keep in mind that sometimes you deserve a break. Take that nap you’ve been thinking about all day. Indulge in a carton of ice cream. You deserve it.

Set up a daily mantra for yourself. I do mine with post-it notes on my mirror. Tell yourself that you can get through this if you put your mind to it. My post it notes on my mirror say “stay positive!” “be confident.” “4.0, 4.0, 4.0” and “you can do this.” Just some positive notes for yourself to keep going and do what you do best. I feel like this “I’m so lazy” mindset is just something you have to get out of your head. The work isn’t hard. I’m sure it isn’t. Just getting yourself the motive and inspiration to actually get going is probably the hardest part. Unless you’re an engineering or medical major, good luck to you guys. (Totally kidding, haha).

Okay, this might be the total health freak junkie in me giving you this advice right now, but staying healthy is a really great way to stay happy not only during school but in life! Exercising is definitely a great way to relieve stress. It doesn’t always mean you have to hit the gym everyday. Take up a yoga class, go out for a run, play sports! Just try to stay active and eat right.  This will definitely boost your health and immune system, which prevents you from getting sick. Nothing is worse than getting sick before an exam or when there’s work that needs to be done.

Lastly, believe in yourself! If you set your mind into doing something, you can definitely achieve your goals. Have some confidence. Remind yourself that it’ll all be worth it in the end. Depend on no one else but yourself for your happiness. Sad & stressful things occur in your life and you can’t control that, but you can control the way you cope with it. Work hard for what you want cause nothing in life worth having comes easy.

Hope this helps!

xoxo Jess

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