Rolling Shots and Photoshop Editing

Posted in Auto by Dan To

Well guys this is a quick little tutorial to take the famous rolling shots. These pictures are meant to capture movement, but achieving prefect crisp objects.


Above you can see my car in a rolling shot. To achieve this kind of picture you will need a camera with shutter speed adjustability (I used a Cannon). The measurement is about 1 – 1.5 shutter speed greater than the moving speed. In other words, if the car is going at 30mph, use the shutter speed at 1/40. The key in these pictures is shutter speed.

Likewise, there are other kind of photos going on the car world. The picture is basically a rolling shot someone cleaning or doing something in the car. Something like this:


This kind of pictures are achieve by the combination of a rolling shot and a normal shot. Later both are combined in Photoshop in overlapping layers. These are the 2 pictures I combined.

Top Layer

Bottom Layer

After having both pictures, you put the Top Layer at about 40% transparency and start adjusting the bottom layer to match shape of the Top Layer, then carefully erase the parts that you want to “create”.

Comment and I will do a video tutorial!

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