Playing Tag with Guns

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Playing tag is fun, but playing tag by tagging the other person at 200 feet per-second is a hundred times more fun! There are three different types of ways you may be playing paintball, Woodsball (may be referred to as “Woods”), Scenario Paintball, and Speedball. It does not matter which or how you are playing, as long as you have fun and enjoy the great sport of paintball!

Although, you may look a thousand times cooler with a fancy set of gear. There are many different Speed and Mil-Sim teams, with their own dress codes, rank system, and game rules that will enhance your paintballing experience. There are also a great amount of different choices in equipment that may or may not be used, depending on the field you are playing.


“Woodsball” is referred to as playing in natural surroundings, forest and wooded areas, where there are many different type of camouflaging material.  There isn’t much to say about this, because it is clean-cut of what it is and how it is played.


Scenario games are more tactical and complex method of game set-up than regular paintball games. Many are based on one or more objectives that involve more than simply eliminating the opposing team. Many of these games will have a different set of rules depending on the game, such as all players may only use 30 round magazines or 30 round per-hopper fill,  rules regarding tanks and other vehicles, and the man-down simulation. The “man-down” simulation is where one of your teammate is shot, but is only considered as wounded. So, what other teammates have to do is drag, or place two hands on the wounded teammate shoulders to simulate dragging, to safety. Many popular games include D-Day from WWII (World War II) and Blackhawk down. The experience may vary depending on the field you have selected to play.


Speedball is generally a fast pace game that is normally played on an artificial turf field with man-made obstacles that is mirrored on both sides to provide an even advantage to both teams. Although, speedball guns are not made for show, they are made for performance, BPS, weight, paint feed-time, air feed, and trigger speed.

Paintball Game Ideas for the average players

If you’re in a private party, size vary on field, you might have a say in what you want to play. Here are some suggestions to switch-up the game play the next time you paintball.

  1. Capture the flag
  2. Elimination
  3. Attack and defend
  4. VIP or protect the president
  5. Rob the bank
  6. Save the hostages
  7. Plant the bomb
  8. Iron man or pain-to-pain

Although many of these games are simple and straight forward, others need an explanation. VIP or protect the president, is a game where one person within each team is selected to become the main target. If that player happens to be eliminated the game ends. This game play may vary; the VIP may or may not be able to carry a paintball-marker. Pain-to-Pain is a game play that involves other players to voluntarily surrender or quit. In other words, the game does not end on the first ball-breakage, but when the other players or team voluntarily surrender or quit.

Fields To Consider

Skirmish, PA

Lehigh Valley Paintball, PA

The Paintball Park, CA

Paintball Invasion, NJ

Hollywood Sports, CA

Tactical Paintball, TX

SC Village, CA

DDay Park, OK

“Call To Duty Events” Guerrilla Paintball, Somewhere not in America, Top-Notch Field!

Links To these awesome fields below… < A must See!

Remember to ask your local field admin about rules, discounts, game modes, and safety. Have fun and Enjoy!

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    Speedball > Woodsball

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      It all depends how you play. Its all fun and games.

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