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Today the smartphone world is being ruled by Apple, LG, HTC and Samsung. However, there is an old competitor that wants to come back big, and I mean BIG.

This is the new Nokia 808 PureView. It might look like a simple smartphone that wants to enter the market, but there is something pretty impressive. This phone actually includes a 41 megapixels camera fabricated by Carl Zeiss. Likewise, it concludes a sophisticated camera software for both photo and video, allowing you to change any setting at any time.

The sad part is that this phone will be sold “globally” except in North America, but I bet it will be on eBay sooner or later.

However, you don’t need a fancy phone with 41 megapixels camera to take awesome photos (would be cool though). I remember when I was taking pictures with my old Sony-Ericsson K510 with a 1.3 megapixels camera. My friends would say “Wow, that is a great picture. How did you take it?”. The truth about HQ photos and awesome pictures is not the actual camera but the photographer.

My mom used to tell me “The school doesn’t make the student”, so I tell you guys “The camera doesn’t make the photo awesome”. Here are a few tips you can put in practice to improve your photos in ANY camera, without having to be a camera geek.

1) KISS theory: Keep It Stupid Simple
Most photos try to recreated real life. There is no need for fancy schemes, poses or layouts. The simpler the photo is the more realistic and awesome it will be.

2) Setting, setting, setting
Setting is indeed a really important part of photography. A cup of coffee will look way more interesting in front of my computer rather than on my kitchen table. The idea is to choose the right environment so that is “wraps” around your focus item. Try to send a message throughout your photo.

3) Anything can be a great photo
Remember keep it simple. There is no need to find a perfect, brand new object; a old soccer ball can bring a lot of memories and be the perfect picture.

4) The size of your photo
Try to take pictures at the maximun size with the highest quality as possible. In this case, bigger means better. The only downside is that these photos will take more memory out of your cellphone.

5) Lighting
Lighting is your best friend, specially when using a cellphone camera. When you are using your cellphone you wont have fancy lights and flashes around you, so use whatever is next to you. A street pole can be a perfect source of light during a night shot. However, the sun can be really tricky. Too much sun will cause overexposed pictures, no sunlight will cause dark pictures. The perfect “sun” is when is sunny with white clouds, there is enough light but not sun rays going straight at your camera. Likewise play with lighting, using a light from the top will have a different feel than having it on the bottom. Go a have fun

6) NEVER use zoom
Zoom on cellphones cameras do not work. It is a digital zoom and magnifies you image but sacrifies quality. Get closer to your object.

7) Experiment with your phone
Usually phones has settings for white balance, exposure and contrast. Go ahead and play with them, see how they change you photos and how can you use them in your favor.

8) Never erase
Take lots of pictures, and review them at your house. You will see them better at your computer than at your cellphone. Likewise, you might change your opinion about a picture. Sometimes the first picture is the best picture.

9) Angles
Angles can play a huge role in photography. Try take pictures from different angles of the same object. Up, down, side, upside down, angled to the right, angled to the left, anything you can imagine, go and have fun. Remember keep ALL the picture so you can compare afterwards.

10) Don’t shake
Phones are pretty sensitive, take your time and take your picture, there is no rush. Going to fast might cause blurry pictures. Relax

Follow these tips and you will be taking awesome pictures with any camera!


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