Orcs Must Die!

Posted in Tech by Steven

If you are a player that loves the defense genres, Orcs Must Die is a fun, cheap, and time-killing-game. The game is some-what short, but with the set price who can argue? Players can place all sort-of traps and freely run throughout the map to kill orcs with a variety type of crossbows, magical items, swords, and in-place defense items to aid in your fight against orcs. Similar to all defense genres, there is an end-point with a life limit that a set number of orcs are able to cross before you lose. I do not see this to be a long-term game for players, but it will kill anything from a day to four days, depending on your ability to complete the game or tolerate the reparative levels on different difficulties.

If you are looking to kill some more orcs and other magical creatures; Orcs Must Die 2 has just been released on July 30, 2012. It offers new modes, monsters, skills, items, and a new feature, co-op! Both of these games are available on Steam.

New Traps!

New Monsters  to defend against!

New Modes!

Although, I am assuming that the title Orcs Must Die 2 will turn out in a similar fashion as Orcs Must Die, it is still worth the little money as it is for some fun in the short-term.

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