My8thGen Presents Imports@UCI [50 Photos]

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“As a car club at the University of California, Irvine, Imports@UCI aims to build a community for car enthusiasts to gather and share their collective knowledge about automobiles and motor sports. Our goals include teaching members about various aspects of automotive knowledge while constructing a network to develop strong connections in the automotive industry.

We also strive to create a safe environment where we can test and improve the performance of our cars as well as our driving skills. Highly discouraging street racing, Imports@UCI gives members the opportunity to go to the race track to satisfy their high performance driving needs. Imports@UCI also gives back to the community by hosting free events, such as car shows, and works with the cooperation of UC Irvine police to protect against on-campus automotive theft and vandalism.

Using all of these resources and connections, members of I@U can become strong leaders who are extremely knowledgeable in the automotive field and enthusiastic about everything they do. Even the slightest passion for cars will not be overlooked and is all that one must posses to become a proud and capable member of Imports@UCI.

Since 2003, we have branched out to other Universities and Colleges as well. Our network is called “University Imports.” We have definitely come along way in the last 6 years! Our second chapter, Imports@UCSD has made it possible for us to come together through their webpage and hard work. GO IMPORTS!”

Source: Imports@UCI , My8thGen

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    I love the 3000gt, but modding it is a slap to the face

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