Guild Wars 2!

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With the demand for a change in how players play MMOs, Guild wars 2, have met that demand!

Whether if you enjoy playing playing MMOs with a ton of people or solo-play, this is the game for you! Guild Wars 2 has great character customizations that will knock your socks off!  There is also a PVP system in-place for players to enjoy. If PVP is not the thing for you, fear not! Guild Wars 2 offer players the usual treasure hunts and grind-time and a unique story-line depending on your character and path.

In the past there have always been classes that were the meat-shield, the “tanks” , eating as much of the damage as possible while keeping aggro of the monster(s). In Guild Wars 2 the game-play is different in terms of the AI; the AI is designed to prevent the old-school tanking and attack the party members that will need the most protection.

Guild Wars 2 offers a new system, called something like “the event system”, in replacement of the old NPC quest system. This allows players to explore the world and obtain quest at the player’s pace. Pretend that you’ve just entered a town that is currently under attack of monsters; you have the choice, whether to fight those monsters if you feel you’re up to the challenge or ignore the town invasion and move-on. When a player enters a “event area”, it triggers a quest notification and that player have the choice whether to take in the quest or to continue to explore the world.

These are some of the updates with much more that Guild wars 2 have to offer the players that give the most worth for your money!

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