FPS: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Tips

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Stacking is occurs if there are two or more players that are lined-up with one another. This is not only going to create a blind spot for the players behind the first in line, but it will put that player and the team in a pickle. To advance and capture the objective efficiently, maintain a reasonable amount of distance between from you and other members in the team. While in a fire fight, the proper spacing will be the means of whether you survive to carry on the objectives. In a scenario of you and one other person on the team is in a fire fight with one player from the other team; assuming that there is a good amount of spacing in between you and the other member in your team, if one of you two happens to be killed by that one person on the other team, there will be a time-lag that the enemy has to shift his/her crosshair to the second player. As a result, the second player has a split second to eliminate the hostile and continue with the objective. The lesson here is, do not give the enemy the two-for-one special!

Anti-Air (AA)

As important as the objective may be, you will not be able to accomplish anything if the other team has their air support out; unless a majority of the members in your team are currently using the perk “Blind Eye” or “Assassin”, Blind Eye makes you invisible to sentries and only enemy attacking air support. If you want to be completely invisible, you need the perk “Assassin”, which protect you from enemy UAVs. In situations where a majority of your team does not have these perks set for their classes, the next best thing is to shoot down the enemy air support. Rather than running to a safe place, try firing your weapon at the enemy air support; if you repeatedly miss, use a A.A. weapon, such as FIM-92 Stinger and RPGs, to make your life easier. Yes, no more running in fear, while enemy air support is raining down shell after shell.

Picking the O.P. Perk

Assassin is one of the most over powered perk in Modern Warfare 3, due to the amount of benefits it gives to the user when it becomes Assassin Pro. Off-the-bat, the Assassin perk makes you undetectable by UAV, Thermal Scopes, Heartbeat Sensors, and Portable Radars. After it becomes Assassin Pro, in addition to these benefits, it makes you immune to Counter-UAV, EMP, and enemies will not be able to see a red crosshair when hovered above you or your name when targeting you.


Have you ever have the feeling of not wanting to run across the map, just to find out that the enemy began spawning on the side that you just came from? Well, why not camp? You have it made sitting in your hiding spot; Eff that! They come to you! Like a boss!

Are the other players calling you nasty names because you’re camping? Don’t sweat it! Everyone tend to camp unintentionally, even if they are in denial. This is especially true in modes such as Headquarters, Team Defender, Domination, and Drop Zone; are you not suppose to be protecting the target objective? Or is every mode a Team Death Match?

Grudge Matches

Grudge Matches occurs in-game, after you’re killed and you keep going back for more, ignoring other players and the objectives, hoping for a happy meal. If you keep getting your ass handed to you, it is as if you’re repeatedly getting into the ring with Manny Pacquiao knowing you would get knocked-out. A simple solution is to step-back and play smart, stop charging in blindly and change-up your game.

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