Cheese Steaks and Philly

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In the Cheese Steak world, Philadelphia is known for providing customers some of the best Cheese steak around, no one can duplicate a cheese steak from Philadelphia. Just like how Will Smith said in the Fresh Prince of Bel-air “It ain’t a Philly Cheese Steak if it don’t come from a greasy bag.” There are many places that sells Cheese Steak around Philadelphia but the most famous of them all are from Pat’s, Geno’s and Tony Luke’s. When you are in Philadelphia you have to try this before doing anything in the City of Brotherly Love. Considering only these three places (excluding other great), which one do you prefer? Other recommended places will also be greatly appreciated!

Pat’s King Of Steaks

Location: East Passyunk Avenue down South Philadelphia
There are many controversy between which is better, Geno’s or Pat’s. In my opinion, Pat’s have a better taste because everything was cooked fresh and the onions were chopped and diced up making it easier to not notice it. The bread were softer making the cheese steak easier to bite into. Overall a cheese steak at its finest.

Geno’s Steaks

Location: right across from Pat’s King of Steaks
Geno’s Cheese steak turned out to be my least favorite due to personal preference. When compared to Pat’s, Geno’s bread was thicker and the steak felt like it was prepared before being served. Onions were chopped and was too big for my liking. Overall, Geno’s is good but not what I prefer.

Tony Luke’s

Location: East Oregon Ave below I-95 bridge down South Philadelphia
Tony Luke’s is by far my favorite place to go get some nice and tasty cheese steak. Not only the bread and onion that pleases my taste buds but the steak itself! Overall, I recommend Tony Luke’s for everyone to try.

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