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Mar 29

HP dm4 – 2191us review

Posted in Tech by Jen

So for a while, I’ve been meaning to buy a new laptop and I finally found one! I searched everywhere, but nothing really fit my expectations, if they did they…

Mar 26

!@#$ I Can’t Afford: Leica M9-P White Edition

Posted in Tech by Dan To

With only 50 units produced, availability only in japan, and a msrp of $31,770, ho damn indeed. Specifications: Optical Sensor Resolution: 18 MP Display Size: 2.5 inches Sapphire plenty more…

Mar 17

Photography + Smartphone = Awesomeness

Posted in Tech by Dan To

Today the smartphone world is being ruled by Apple, LG, HTC and Samsung. However, there is an old competitor that wants to come back big, and I mean BIG. This…

Mar 13


Posted in Tech by Dan To

Normally I could care less about new phones as I am perfectly contempt with my current phone, my samsung galaxy s, however every once in a while comes a new…

Mar 12

Guild Wars 2!

Posted in Tech by Steven

With the demand for a change in how players play MMOs, Guild wars 2, have met that demand! Whether if you enjoy playing playing MMOs with a ton of people or…

Mar 10

Halo 4: First Look

Posted in Tech by Dan To

The Halo series has always been a favorite of mine, but with schoolwork and the fact that my first xbox red ringed I haven’t been able to play that much….

Jan 13

FPS: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Tips

Posted in Tech by Steven

Stacking Stacking is occurs if there are two or more players that are lined-up with one another. This is not only going to create a blind spot for the players…