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Jun 08

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph

Posted in Entertainment by Dan To

Gamers rejoice and squeal like little girls, Disney’s new movie Wreck-It Ralph features a video game villain who no longer wants to be the bad guy and his adventure to…

Mar 21

Volvo announces Jeremy Lin endorsement contract

Posted in Auto, Entertainment by Dan To

“Earlier reports have proven true. Volvo has officially signed Jeremy Lin to a global endorsement deal, and the New York Knicks point guard will serve as the new Volvo brand…

Mar 14

DFD FT. Facebook

Posted in Entertainment by Steven

For FB lovers! If you don’t like FB… T.H. view this anyways!

Feb 05

Jeremy Lin: First American Player of Chinese Descent

Posted in Entertainment by Dan To

Check out Jeremy Lin’s highlight reel from last Thursday’s Knicks vs Nets basketball game. Jeremy is the first American player in the NBA of Chinese descent, and he’s ready to…