Accord and Harmony

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The Honda Accord has been the flagship vehicle of the Honda lineup since its introduction in 1976 reflecting Honda’s desire for accord and harmony between people, society and the automobile.

Due to the fierce competition from other auto makers vying for the top spot, Honda had to up their game to retake the crown. In 2008 the 8th generation Accord was introduced in sedan and coupe form, the sedan offering luxury and comfort for a budget, and the coupe offering a nimble cruiser and daily driver.

But as the automotive industry moves forward with the next generation flagship models Honda is due to follow. The 2012 model year marks the end of perhaps the best looking accord yet a thus I present to you a gem of the outgoing 8th generation.

Jorge | Bpearl2010

2010 Belize Blue Pearl Accord V6

What contributed most to your taste in style?

 My close friend Carlos contributed to most of my taste in style, and me with my personal views in sports i do, and my personality. My car is me, down to earth “slammed “, calm, “driving slow, riding low”, slow to judge, “stopping power of gods”, dirty hands “ready to burn rubber”

What was your favorite mod and why?

 ”It would be my Ksport big brake kit upgrade, being 8-piston calipers and 14 inch rotors. Our car suffers so much from Brake fade, and from laughter from other car models in the same class. It’s a joke that Honda doesn’t offer a high performance big brake package from factory like their competitors. So for me I feel like it gives my car the final touch in overall appeal, character, and performance.”

Dan’s comment: “his one caliper has more pistons than my entire car… I am sad…”

Why mod?

I have always modded my cars, it’s just my stress reliever. I’m not your average modder, i just don’t buy parts and then go to local shop get them installed. I believe that true pleasure of modding/building a car is not by having it built by someone else hands. I have built my car, it’s a sense of pride that I can say I have built my car.”

Is your car cleaner than your room?

“Both my room and my car are spotless unless I’m racing at the track then I just spend time scraping the rubber off the wheels wells, and the side of the car…”

Final Thoughts

“My car is the way I express myself to those that don’t know me, clean and simple, but what i like is that my car is also a sleeper, when you open my hold is like another part of the car, to taking a trip to the trunk seeing two lovely 10lb nitrous bottles with bottle warmers… 

my car is perfect, just eagerly awaiting the Comptech supercharger release…”



  • Megan EZ coilover’s
  •  SPC 3 Arm Camber kit- 3 Degree adjustable -/+ camber
  •  Ultra Racing 8 Piece Chassis package
  •  Ultra Racing Front Tower bar
  •  Ultra Racing Front Lower bar
  •  Ultra Racing Mid Lower bar
  •  Ultra Racing Side bar’s
  •  Ultra Racing Mid/Rear Lower bar
  •  Ultra Racing Rear Lower bar
  •  Ultra Racing 22mm Rear Sway bar


  •  Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust System
  •  RV6 Long Tube J-Pipe
  •  RV6 Ceramic Coated Pre-Cat Deletes (PCD’s)
  •  ZEX EFI Wet Nitrous System, 2 Bottle System
  •  ZEX Dual Purge Kit
  •  ZEX Bottle Warms with AUTO settings
  •  Unorthodox Racing Under-drive Pulley
  •  V-Gate S-belt
  •  P2R Ported Intake runners
  •  P2R Throttle Body Spacer
  •  P2R Thermal Gaskets
  •  AEM Cold Air Intake
  •  Weapon R I-Throttle Response
  •  Ksport Front Big Brake Kit 14″ Rotor, 8-Piston Caliper


  •  Vossen Wheels, VVS-CV3 Silver Machine
  •  20×10.5 All Around
  •  Tires: Generals 235/35/20 All Around


  •  Headlights: 8000k 35w XENONDEPOT
  •  Fog lights: 8000k 35w XENONDEPOT
  •  Complete LED kit from XenonDepot
  •  Windshield Window: 3M 55% Tint
  •  M3 Rear Roof Spoiler
  •  Custom M3 Spoiler LED Brake Light


  •  Rockford Fosgate P1653
  •  6-1/2 Inch speakers
  •  120W 3-Way
  •  Full Range Punch Series


  •  WeatherTech Visor’s in DARK TINT
  •  Yakima Roof Rack
  •  Yakima Raptors Bike holders
  •  Yakima Wind Defector

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