Shiagi (shi-a-gi) is a web magazine that launched winter 2011 with the goal and mission to provide the best online content with a dash of our personality. Originally founded within the city of brotherly love Philadelphia by Dan, Shiagi’s staff grew to small group of talented individuals with broad interests. Together we hope to make Shiagi the best web magazine in the world.

The name Shiagi originally came from the phrase “****’s and giggles”, however it grew to become our company’s motto. We are college students and children at heart, even in our hectic days, we try not to forget to have fun amidst the chaos and paperwork. As of now, Shiagi is a premier web magazine that features the latest articles on technology, cars, lifestyle, humor, beauty, food, fashion, and much more without forgetting our roots of humor, lightheartedness, and simplicity.

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-Shiagi Staff